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Scholarly & Academic Articles

Reproductive 'Rights' vs 'Justice'

Roberts, D. (2015). Reproductive Justice, Not Just Rights. Dissent 62(4), 79-82. 10.1353/dss.2015.0073.

Reproductive Justice

Luna, Z. and Luker, K (2013). Reproductive Justice. Annual Review of Law and Social Science(9), 327-352.

Abortion & Telemedicine

Reproductive Justice for Gay Men

Russell, C. (2018). Rights-holders or refugees? Do gay men need reproductive justice? Reproductive Biomedicine & Society Online (7), 131-140.

Sexual Health in Public Health Education

Allotey, P., Diniz, S., DeJong, J., Delvaux, T., Gruskin, S., & Fonn, S. (2011). Sexual and reproductive health and rights in public health education. Reproductive Health Matters (19:38), 56-68.

Disability & Sexuality

Addlakha, R., Price, J., & Heidari, S. (2017). Disability and sexuality: claiming sexual and reproductive rights. Reproductive Health Matters (50:25), 4-9.

Queer Reproduction

Smietana, M., Thompson, C., Twine, F. W. (2018). Making and breaking families – reading queer reproductions, stratified reproduction and reproductive justice together. Reproductive BioMedicine and Society Online (7), 112-130.

Indigenous Communities

Hoover, E., Cook, K., Plain, R., Sanchez, K., Waghiyi, V., Miller, P., Dufault, R., Sislin, C., & Carpenter, D.O. (2012). Indigenous Peoples of North America: Environmental Exposures and Reproductive Justice. Environmental Health Perspectives (120:12), 1645-1649.

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